Quality Assurance

TBPL takes the following measures to ensure good quality of work.

  • Selection of site :- We give importance to Vasthu friendly & eco- friendly sites having potable water source as well as drainage facilities. We see that proper access road is there to the main road , proximity to educational institutions , medical facilities, post office, banks, temple ,church etc and shops for the day to day needs. Click on apartments in thrissur to get more details
  • Aspects before buying land :- Before buying the land, We see the merits and demerits of the land,   whether the owner is genuine , whether the land documents are intact etc. We take legal opinion of our reputed lawyer before buying the property. To get more knowledge click on property document checklist.
  • Soil investigation and Testing :- We conduct the topographical survey of the land with contours. We collect soil samples from different locations. We also conduct soil tests with the bore holes to find the safe bearing capacity of soil for structural design of the foundation of the building.
  • Project Implementation :- We start the project with well experienced professional team such as Architects, Structural consultants, Electrical consultant, Plumbing consultant, Sanitation, Fire & Safety etc. with proper estimate. The architectural consultant and structural consultant will prepare the master plan of the project. Once the plan is final, we then submit them to the local authorities like corporation / municipality/ panchayath etc. After getting the building permit, the detailed estimate and the detailed drawings along with structural design , plumbing designs and electrical design etc are prepared.
  • Execution of work :– Our works are being carried out on labour contract basis only through experienced contractors by purchasing good quality materials directly from the market and supervised by our team of efficient engineers. Quality plan is used to communicate quality assurance and quality control methods, policies and procedures. A quality plan includes a quality manual, project plan, standard operating procedures, and submittal forms and is often a required part of a construction bid or contract submittal. We engage our well experienced labour team for satisfactory workmanship. We purchase only superior quality branded items from good reputed companies with standard ISI trademark. We conduct regularly all the necessary tests as per the engineering practices at site as well as at reputed laboratories. Building materials like cement, steel, bricks, marbles, granites, tiles, sand, stone metal etc. are also tested periodically and then the materials of good quality are only being used in our works. Before concreting, we check the reinforcements whether they are as per the structural design, the ultimate tensile strength, elongation etc. The grading of stone metal & sand , silt content , moisture content etc are also checked at site before concreting. We take samples of concrete in the cube moulds and test it after 7 days and if necessary at 28 days to find out the actual compressive strength of the concrete to see whether the design strength is achieved. Before masonry works, we check the compressive strength of solid blocks / bricks. We wet the bricks / solid blocks properly just before the work. We ensure proper cement mortar ratio. We provide 20 cm wall thickness for bearing walls and 15 cm for non bearing walls. For plastering fix guide points on walls and ensure proper thickness 12 mm on wall & 9 mm on ceiling. We provide fibre mesh at junction of masonry and RCC members to avoid cracks. We ensure all electrical wire pulling, 2 coat putty & primer coat and mark proper levels on wall and floor before commencing tile laying. We check tiles for color variation, edge damages and use tiles of same production batch number for a single flat. For plumbing works, we start chasing of walls only after 14 days after completing plastering. We use PPR/cPVC pipes for both hot & cold water inside the toilets. We check all plumbing lines by conducting pressure tests for 24 hours and certified leak proof before commencing tile works. For painting, we check the surface for incidence of dampness or water seepage and also remove the loose plaster. We scrap the surface with sand paper to ensure the surface is dry and free from dust, dirt or grease. We purchase good quality of seasoned wood in logs. We store this wood logs for a particular period for further seasoning and make into proper sizes for doors and windows etc. We ensure that good quality of materials are only used in our works.
  • During execution of the work :- Our site engineers follow quality checklists for co- ordinating and executing each works. We check the proportioning of cement mortar, cement concrete etc. and the lines and levels of concrete block masonry, hollowness of joints in the masonry, right angles and diagonals of each room, lines and levels of the plastering. Before slab and column concreting, Shuttering work will be checked to fill up the gaps,    supports provided at the bottom, lines and levels and plumb of the columns etc. We ensure proper cover at top, bottom & sides and mixing done only by mixer . We use 20 mm & 12 mm aggregates with the ratio of 70 : 30 %. We take slump at site to check the workability of concrete. We provide all conduit chasing either vertical or horizontal at a specified height as per appendix and prepare the as built drawing of conduit. For tile flooring work, the hollowness, lines and levels, Flooring pattern etc. are also checked. Fill the tile joints with grout immediately after 7 days curing. Over the cement plastering, putty is applied after a coat of primer to get a smooth and even surface. Painting work is executed by a very experienced team of painters. In addition to the quality control by our site engineers, we have got an efficient team of engineers who go to the site periodically and check the quality of materials used in the work and the workmanship. If the workmanship is not satisfactory, we rectify the defects after dismantling them.
  • Customer care service :- TBPL  has got an efficient and experienced team of customer care executives to look after all the needs of all our customers. Customer care wing will interact with all our customers regularly from foundation stone laying to the key handing over ceremony. We inter act with our customers regularly and incorporate their suggestions in the drawings as far as possible. Hence our customers are a relaxed and satisfied lot and happy to associate Hence our customers are relaxed and satisfied a lot and happy to associate with our future projects. That is why TBPL has got a very clear edge over other builders for ensuring good quality and good finish for our buildings. Get more details here: villas for sale in thrissur