Soil Test

Our mission is to investigate diverse soil properties, including the safe bearing capacity at varying depths across different strata.

Water Test

We specialize in evaluating the qualities of water for both construction purposes and its suitability for consumption.

Cement Test

We exclusively use top-tier branded OPC and PPC cement known for their superior strength, durability, and consistently excellent test results in our construction projects.

Sieve Analysis

Our goal is to ascertain the proper grading of both fine and coarse aggregates utilized in construction to ensure suitability for specific project requirements.

Bend, Rebend & Yield Stress Test

We exclusively incorporate premium branded TMT bars renowned for their elevated strength, exceptional ductility, effective earthquake resistance, and consistently favorable test results into our construction projects..

Slump Test of Concrete

We ensure the concrete's workability is thoroughly examined before placement.

Compressive Strength of Concrete (Cube Test)

We conduct strength verification tests on the concrete used in construction after both 7 days and 28 days of curing.

Compressive Strength of Block

We verify the load-bearing capacity of masonry walls by conducting tests to determine the crushing strength of the blocks used.